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NEW Quick Block with Integrated Channel

While many manufacturers spend time and money telling contractors and engineers how they can use their products and why it is better, we decided to take a different approach. Rather than tell our customers how they can use our block, we asked them "What features do you need to make your life easier?". The result has been the introduction of our newest Quick Block with features that our customers demanded, not features that we though might be interesting.







1.    Integrated Channel - We have introduced a standard width channel that accepts all standards strut clamps. Electricians use strut extensively in many of their applications and have come to appreciate the convenience of installing universally standard clamps and accessories. By integrating the channel the block becomes a natural choice for running conduit or refrigeration pipes across the roof. Any application that doesn't require expansion/contraction can now be clamp with a standard strut clamp. We have kept the channel to one side of the block also ensuring that the practice of using a two hole clamp can still be done on the same block. Now the best of all worlds for plumbers, electricians, refrigeration and communications installers.






2.    Increased Height - many users of the original block loved many of its features but they found that in some jurisdictions, it simply wasn't tall enough. Building codes across North America are demanding minimum heights for their infrastructure and we listened. We could have answered like the other manufacturers and simply told our customers to buy extension kits (nice marketing gimmick huh?) but we felt that in a majority of installations the contractor didn't want to go through all the hassle of installing the lifts and the engineer certainly didn't want to increase the cost of the project, so we listened. 







3.    Increased spacing for extension kit cylinders - although the spacing on our original block was more than suitable for many of our extension kits we have received numerous requests to increase height and width of some of our most popular extension kits. By moving our rod support cylinders to the outside of the block we have increased our abilities for larger support solutions on one block. The block can now offer single solutions for wider rollers and strut extensions with a clear width of almost ten inches between cylinders. Although this alone is great news, the wider spacing also offers increased stability for taller extensions. Unlike competitors supports that attach the rod near the top, our full length rod support cylinders and greater width ensure your kit won't be wobbling in the wind.






4.    Temporary installation straps - Want to layout your pipe, but not ready to install the clamps. Maybe you want to get the painting done or perhaps your waiting on a change order or maybe your a one man contractor. No problem, just use our temporary installation straps to hold your pipe in place until you decide to install your permanent two-hole clamps or strut clamps.


5.    Removable polystyrene base - Why have it removable you may ask. In order to provide maximum stability for our extension kits, we require that the rod extend right through the block. Some companies have the rod attach at the top, but frankly this increases the top heaviness of the kit and is frankly insecure. The Quick Block/E-Z Sleeper ensures that a greater portion of the threaded rods is secured within the base resulting in a much more stable pipe support.


6.    Same full size footprint - While all of our competitors are making smaller blocks to cut their costs, they are missing the most important component of any pipe support. The weight of the pipe has to be distributed over a large footprint in order to protect the roof from damage cause by penetration or stress due to increased weight. Sure we could have decrease our base size, but the roofing manufacturers have demanded that anything put on the roof should be distributed to the greatest amount possible. The last thing the roofing engineer wants to see is pipe supports making point load impressions in his membrane roofing cover.


The New Quick Block/E-Z Sleeper with integrated channel continues to offer true innovation, not imitation.




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