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Extension Kits

Not all projects are as simple as just laying pipe, so sometimes the right extension kit is the key to the success of your project. Why struggle trying to find the right solution when you can choose from a variety of solutions available prepackaged from the wholesale or contact us directly to create the custom solution that can only be created with the cooperative effort of your team and ours.


EKRB-P01 & EKC-P01

Our 1 polypropylene extension cap can be attached directly to the Quick Block/E-Z Sleeper. Up to 3 may be stacked or the cap can be used with threaded rod to increase height (EKC-P01).





In situations where electrical or refrigeration contractors need adjustability, the EKP-S Series of supports is the answer. The 13/16 channel is attached to the Quick Block/ E-Z Sleeper with threaded rod allowing for adjustability up to 14 from decking. Simply use standard channel clamps to attach pipe to block.




The EKP-R Series is the solution for expansion/contraction of pipes. These extension kits have a 1 6 roller that attaches to the Quick Block/E-Z Sleeper with threaded rod allowing for adjustability up to 14 from the deck.
EKD-CH0300 Complete assembly to allow for the support of round or rectangular ductwork. Also used for above the deck support of process piping with clevis hanger. Basic kit provides support up to 30 wide and attaches directly to 4 Quick Blocks/E-Z Sleepers. Specialty sizes and configurations available for all types of projects.

Custom Solutions for any Project

Feel free to contact us with details of your project so that we can design the support solution that works best for you. Whether it is a project that requires one unique support or an entire engineered solution for the complete rooftop, let our experience work for you.